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and my trials begin.

courage? but I am scared. courage.

Just Me
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it was white. all white. a blinding, absolute white. the air was heavy with ash, so dense you could not breathe. she stood there, at what she felt was the edge of the world. she could not tell, light on white, there were no shadows, no dimension.

"I am waiting for the sunrise." she said, to no one. "the world has ended, there is no one left" empty whispered back. "he still rises in my heart" she sobbed as though she had heard, tears exploring her cheeks.

it was white. so white you could not see. but it did not disturb her - she was blind.

she was left, alone, in the dark, in a dead white world.

"he still rises in my heart."

- strobelightfeelings


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Last night at 8pm, #alangesohne launched this incredible Richard Lange Pour Le Merite Tourbillon in white gold with blued hands and accents in honor of the now open NYC boutique. Full details and pictures on HODINKEE. (This one is gorgeous, like fo real).  (at A. Lange & Söhne)
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- strobelightfeelings
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kind love
shadow love
closet, locket
hidden love
I only fall asleep in your arms love
less love
his love
her love
lonely love
hopeless love
you drive me insane, love

i leave no trace
someone you know you’ll erase

i know neither of us want to admit it. what it was, what it always was. what it will be. 

- strobelightfeelings

sweet tender lobster
froie gras to die for
butter on butter on butter mash

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toasted coffee brulee, done.
raspberry gel, done.
hazelnut feuilletine, done.

- strobelightfeelings

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