it is ridiculously easy to lose sight of what is important (and to whom?). such a fine balance. sometimes you have to choose kindness over happiness and have faith.. faith in something. and nothing. some people have this ability to just not think. but I question everything.

at a thousand miles an hour, I question.

there are so many questions that are sometimes best left alone.

I watch, I wait, I try.

so beyond disappointed.

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Words of Emotion
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just a gift, don’t raise an alarm
just weight and memories hanging off my arm
no I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it
I can’t afford to know you’re gone

just what I want, don’t raise an alarm
just best wishes, a love and a calm
no I can’t afford it but I know you’re gone
I can’t afford to raise an alarm


The Lamborghini Huracan

what an ass.
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theres such a tension. and a breathability. it reaches into you, clings to you and it changes something, but you never know what changes. 

just listen. 


I’m not sure who fooled me.

one day, next to two days, next to three days. this is a magic I do not understand.

- strobelightfeelings

I dream of you plenty. sometimes. you leave. sometimes you return to leave. if I meant enough, you would be here with me. but I do not. that is all I was meant to be.

I miss you.
I miss you.

- strobelightfeelings

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